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Last week

Last week 09/2010

Last week
Last week • Autor: Ilustrace – Pavel Reisenauer

Last week
Last week • Autor: Ilustrace – Pavel Reisenauer

Newspapers reported that the Russians in Moscow invoked Stalin during the celebration of Men’s Day. Alexander Haig passed away. The roof of the town hall in Chranišov near Sokolov collapsed under the weight of snow. Six members of the Chamber of Deputies commenced preparations for an official trip in March to Peru, where they wish to explore the “indigenous peoples’ position in the legislative branch and public life.” The lower reaches of the Morava River flooded. Meteorologists concluded that the snow would last for at least another month in the mountains, despite the ongoing snowmelt. Karlovy Vary fishermen asked regional authorities for permission to shoot protected cormorants, which they say have “swiped millions of crowns worth of fish” while wintering near Czech rivers; the authorities said they would consider the request, the Green Party opposed it.
“It would be a shame, they’ve become really popular. People are already lined up for sausage and black pudding by seven o’clock in the morning,” Stanislav Přibyl, deputy mayor of the southern Moravian village of Holubice, remarked to a newspaper about Czech veterinarians’ efforts to ban the increasingly popular local pig-killing event, where the locals slaughter and eat a pig on the village green. Civic Democratic Party chairman Mirek Topolánek got a divorce. The government approved the end of golden parachutes for managers of state-owned companies. Director Jana Hřebejk’s Kawasaki’s Rose won the Ecumenical Jury Prize at the Berlinale. Czech National Bank has conducted stress tests on players in the Czech financial sector, and then reported to the public that local banks won’t have too much trouble withstanding deepening of the economic crisis in the Czech Republic. Housing construction slowed. UPC Direct’s television signal was redirected from the Astra satellite to Thor.
“It happened because of the man’s calm behavior, and also because they knew each other,” a spokesman for the Třebíč police explained why the local lawmen released an aggressive, inebriated man who was attacking people in the center of Třebíč after initially arresting the man who shortly thereafter stabbed a security guard to death at the Billa grocery store over a trivial argument. The Škoda carmaker introduced its new Roamster and rejuvenated Fabio to customers. Thanks to the votes of Communists and Social Democrats, the Chamber of Deputies’ defense committee rejected a government proposal to send another 55 troops to the Allied mission fighting Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan. A coal miner was killed by heavy equipment in the Dole Karviná mine. The media reported that Cuban dissident Orlando Zapata Tamayo, who was sentenced in 2003 to 36 years behind bars for promoting free elections and democracy, died in a communist prison after an 86-day hunger strike.
“The decision to ban the Workers’ Party was easier because with our relationship to the Nazis we have the advantage of hindsight, but communism has essentially been with us the whole time – we see it all around us in people, things, buildings. It’s still here and it makes the decision much more complicated,” Supreme Administrative Court chief justice Josef Baxa told Hospodářské noviny when asked by the newspaper, “Maybe now you’ll receive a docket with a petition to dissolve the Communist Part of Bohemia and Moravia. Why do we express an emphatic ‘no’ to neo-Nazis while the Communists continue to exist?” It surfaced that the newly appointed director of the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes, Jiří Pernes, had concealed that he had studied at the Communist Party’s school for nomenclature cadres, the Evening University of Marxism-Leninism in Prague, during his bid for the position. The Czech men’s ice hockey team beat Latvia’s national team, consisting mostly of Riga Dinamo players, in overtime at the Olympic Games in Vancouver. Credit cards became less popular. South Bohemian police chief Radomír Heřman officially acknowledge that his force had erred when its continually members ignored the repeated pleas of a České Budějovice couple, Jana Malhocká and Pavel Malhocký, to protect them against attacks by a deranged aggressor, who then murdered them.
“Why wouldn’t I do it? I’d even meet with Hitler because it would be interesting,” replied the novelist Arnošt Lustig when asked by Hospodářské noviny why he collaborated on some of the questions in a promotional book of interviews about the Social Democratic Party chairman, Jiří Paroubek. What’s he really like?; under pressure from the Social Democrats, Lustig, who survived Auschwitz as a boy, later distanced himself from his statement, adding that he was sorry if he harmed the chairman. Sales of programs to monitor employees online activities during working hours increased. A bearded vulture was born in a cage at the Liberec Zoo. The European Commission proposed a ban on international sales of Northern bluefin tuna, which have been brought to the brink of extinction by sushi lovers.

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