Last week 36/09
Last week 36/09 • Autor: Ilustrace – Pavel Reisenauer
Last week 36/09
Last week 36/09 • Autor: Ilustrace – Pavel Reisenauer

A steam-pipe burst and destroyed thirty automobiles in the center of České Budějovice. Crude oil prices rose. A ceremony on Prague's Old Town Square commemorated the 400th anniversary of the death of Rabbi Jehuda Löwe ben Becalel, also called Maharal. Fake burčak from France showed up in Moravia. Civic Democratic Party (ODS) head Mirek Topolánek was hit in the head with a rock at swimming facilities in Hustopeči; all four of the youths who were throwing rocks at the former prime minister turned themselves in to the police and one of them claimed that an „unknown person dressed like a member of the ODS,“ had paid them to do what they had done; after some time it emerged that some of the rock-throwers had ties to an important member of the Social Democrats (ČSSD), local amusement park boss Václav Koček, while others are members of the neo-Nazi Dělnická strana („Workers Party“). The leadership of the ČSSD challenged the leadership of the ODS to help create a bi-partisan memorandum on propriety in politics. The Pirate Bay website was taken down. Foreign Minister Jan Kohout, announced that the Czech Republic should make an effort to be part of the European Union's Department of Justice.
„The selection of people who will receive vaccines must be tightened considerably. Even now it is clear that it won't even include all healthcare providers,“ announced Health Minister Dana Jurásková, after it came to light that instead of the expected five million vaccines against swine flu, of which a pandemic is expected in the fall, she purchased only one million.
„There is no need to panic. For those who don't receive a vaccine I recommend regular visits to the sauna, toughening up and eating food rich in vitamin C,“ said Professor Jiří Beran of the center for immunization and travel medicine, reacting to the situation. Centralized curriculums for secondary schools have been discarded and replaced with general educational programs. Edward Kennedy died. Losses at Czech Airlines (České aerolinie) turned out to be much greater than expected, at around two billion crowns so far this year, meaning that each plane taking off represents a loss of 100,000 crowns. An operation on a broken brachial bone saved the life of a rare hoopoe bird at clinic in Český Brod. After convalescing, the bird was released into the wild at Pátek u Nymburka.
„The Russians have returned to the Cold War Era, before 1989 - whether we are talking about corruption or waking up sleeping agents,“ an unnamed Czech diplomatic source told Mladá fronta Dnes. Inglourious Basterds came to cinemas. Neo-Nazis remembered their friend Vlastimil Pechanec at the railway station Svitavy where he stabbed Romany citizen Ota Absalon to death and was sentenced to 17 years. Fifty years have passed since the death of Bohuslav Martinů. Radiohead played in Prague.
„I don't know if he will open this theme,“ said Česká biskupská konference (Czech Bishop's Conference) spokesman Aleš Pištora, commented on the news that American Jews and Hindus have sent a letter to the Pope challenging him to speak about Czech Roma and condemn the apartheid in which they are forced to live during his upcoming visit here. The Prague Stock Exchange rose. Meteorologists informed the public that it is possible to predict the weather based on the steam from Temelín's cooling towers - if there isn't much, the weather will be nice; if it looks like a mushroom cloud, there will be a storm.
„Since 1993 we have not paid even a crown of the national debt, we pay it from new loans. If we really wanted to pay it we would have to have a budget surplus, the state would have to take more than it spends - but that is from the land of dreams,“ Finance Minister Eduard Janota, who has been warning for a long time that the Czech Republic is headed for financial problems that could lead to national bankruptcy, announced in the newspapers. Our nation's villages celebrated the harvest festival. Statisticians announced that 1,451 children were killed or injured on Czech roads this year. A piranha was caught in Otrokovice in the Dřevnice river. The association of travel agencies concluded that if current low visitation rates don't rise that „many Czech hotels will not survive the winter.“ Prime Minister Jan Fischer visited Vienna. The „Kamenný Most“ sculpture symposium took place in Horní Bezděkov. According to the media, Buddhists in Buryatia wanted to proclaim Russian Prime Minister Dmitrij Medvedev a god, but he reportedly refused. Groceries dropped in price.


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