(RK/10) Investment banker Ondřej Jonáš said he is 100Îrtain that Czech banks are not completely separated from the crisis. They have very questionable assets, very low liquidity and suspicious values. On the positive side, he said, they are not that dependent on the interbank market.
(EU/48) CEO Josef Tauber of the depositinsurance fund said the banking system is sound, but he admitted that he does not know if banks have derivatives exposure.

(MFD/1) MFD reported on its front page that Bohumír Ďuričko, who is suspected of murdering Václav Kočka Jr., was one of the few advertisers in Paroubek’s political magazine, Trend. The magazine’s offices are also at the same address as Ďuričko’s.

(HN/2) Also, HN said that ČSSD had a photo available at least since last year of Ďuričko with Lucie Talmanová but chose only now to use it. ČSSD also has other pictures of Ďuričko with important ODS people but does not want to use them. ČSSD considers this to be a closed matter.

(P/6) Alexandr Mitrofanov of Právo said that ČSSD’s plan to join forces with part of ODS to form a caretaker cabinet depends on a poor performance by ODS in the elections. Although ČSSD would not itself be in the government, it would be able to take part actively in the CR’s rotating EU presidency without the interference of Vondra or Schwarzenberg, Mitrofanov said. He also said that ČSSD and ODS might agree on early parliamentary elections next year. Petr Uhl of Právo said that if Topolánek falls, so will Bursík and his Green Party.


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