Last week 30/09
Last week 30/09 • Autor: Ilustrace – Pavel Reisenauer
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Tropical temperatures in the 30s alternated with hailstorms. Jiří Janeček, the old/new chief of Česká televize (Czech Television), was appointed for another six years. Canada introduced visas for Czechs. Raspberries that had spilled from a broken truck paralyzed the southern junction under the Barrandov bridge in Prague for a day and a night.
„It is interesting that he was born here among us in the Czech lands, in the municipality of Smilovice, not far from Třinec,“ mused Mladá fronta Dnes at the information that the head of the European Parliament will be former Polish Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek. Oranges grew more expensive because of storms. An agreement was signed in Ankara on the construction of the Nabucco natural gas pipeline, which should bring gas to Europe from non-Russian sources from 2014. The Czech Republic resumed political engagement with Liechtenstein. Out of 12 finalists in the nationwide Strom roku („Tree of the Year“) poll, an 800-year-old linden in the castle garden at Kamenice nad Lipou came out on top. Scientists announced that love is not enough for a successful marriage. BB King played a farewell concert at Prague's Tesla Arena.
„We are far enough from Washington so it is, I think, a good idea to draw their attention to problems that exist in our area,“ said former Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg, explaining why he, former President Václav Havel and former Deputy Prime Minister Alexandr Vondra signed a letter in which several dozen Central European politicians and intellectuals warned US President Barack Obama against tossing Central Europe overboard for the sake of agreement with Russia. The eighth incarnation of the Colours of Ostrava festival met with its usual success. Un ange à la mer (Angel at Sea) won the Karlovy Vary film festival. The government worked out a plan in case of a pandemic flu outbreak. Newspapers informed the public that American writer and Nobel Prize-winner Ernest Hemingway was a KGB agent. The reconstruction of the Jesuit dormitory in Telč started, to the sound of jackhammers. Not one Czech company has yet joined a visionary project involving several European corporations, who have signed an agreement on the construction of a giant network of solar power plants in the Sahara. In Europe and the Czech Republic auto sales started to increase again. Brothels near the border went out of business due to a lack of clients.
„I only wanted to hit her - I forgot I was holding a knife in my hand,“ said defendant Martin Keleman (33), in court in Hradec Králové, explaining how it came to pass that he stabbed his 10-years-younger partner this January during a domestic dispute. A technical problem caused a system failure at the Prague Stock Exchange. celebrated the 30,000th visit to its site with a concert at a barn in Peníkov u Českého Rudolce featuring the bands Bílá Noha, Longital, and BJ Tzarr. Dozens of public figures lent their support to the Slepice z klece ven („Hens out of the Cage“) campaign, which protests against the awful living conditions endured by industrially raised hens, which are forced by demand for cheap eggs to live their whole lives eight „pieces“ to a cage where they can't stand upright or spread their wings. Truffles were discovered in southern Moravia. It came to light that Jiří Paroubek, chairman of the Social Democratic Party (ČSSD), met secretly with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin during his recent visit to Russia, and, during the meeting, promised that in exchange for unknown reciprocation - possibly money for the upcoming election campaign - that his party would base its campaign around loudly refusing American military bases here in the Czech Republic.
„Why don't Messrs. Schwarzenberg, Dobrovský and others, together with cooperative journalists, dedicate their attention to, for example, the fact that in the European Parliament the ODS (Civic Democrats) have become part of a very obscure grouping in which Latvia's For Fatherland and Freedom [Tēvzemei un Brīvībai] party extols Latvian members of the Waffen SS. (For Mr. Schwarzenberg I shall prefer to write in German),“ wrote Social Democrat (ČSSD) Chairman Jiří Paroubek in reaction to critics who denounced his secret trip to see Putin. The media informed the public that unknown culprits in Russia kidnapped prominent Nataliya Estyemirovova, a prominent Chechnyan human rights advocate, and, after torturing her, killed her with two shots to the head. A new observation tower has been built on the peak of Nedánov by Boleradice near Břeclav, with a view all the way to Vienna. Businessmen calmed an agitated public, assuring them that new iPhones will be in stock by the middle of the summer holidays.

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