Last week 29/09
Last week 29/09 • Autor: Ilustrace – Pavel Reisenauer
Minulý týden 29/09 • Autor: Ilustrace – Pavel Reisenauer

Five hundred and ninety-four years passed since Jan Hus was burned to death. The Národní divadlo (National Theatre) began restoring the Hynais curtain. The media reported that British scientists from Newcastle University had created artificial sperm; „Is a world without men coming?“ commented the Czech paper Mladá fronta Dnes, following the international press's lead. John Malkovich came to the Czech Republic from Vienna by train. The Finance Ministry estimated that the damage caused by floods would raise the current state deficit by at least four billion crowns.
„End of recession in sight,“ read a headline on the front page of the business daily Hospodářské noviny, commenting on news of German industry's record growth; by contrast, German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned the world against „premature optimism.“ Physicians at the Fakultní nemocnice Olomouc hospital's cardiac surgery clinic performed heart surgery without a scalpel for the first time. Robert McNamara died. Newspapers reported that the oppressed Uyghur people had rebelled in their homeland of Xinjiang, an autonomous region in northwestern China. České dráhy's (Czech Railways') monopoly on fast trains came to an end. After years of hesitation, the Czech Republic recognized the International Criminal Court's jurisdiction. The city of Třebíč joined Twitter. A study by the Education Ministry revealed that more than a quarter - 27 percent - of Czech Roma children are sent to special schools each year for no reason.
„While these schools are attended by two non-Roma children in 100, with Roma children the number is 30 out of 100 – an incredible imbalance in the chances of education,“ Deputy Education Minister Klára Laurenčíková told Lidové noviny. The rains kept coming. A survey showed that three times more people have confidence in Jan Fischer's Cabinet than in the previous Cabinet headed by Miroslav Topolánek. New lists of StB collaborators appeared on the internet. A patron of a gym in Pardubice dropped dead while using a weight machine. Despite warnings, six rafters took to the swollen Otava river and one died after their raft struck the weir in Strakonice; two firefighters almost died while trying to save them. Regulated rents rose by about 17 percent.
„I know nothing. I haven't seen a single invoice, a single contract - that was the organizers' job; I have no access to the books; I am only a government agent whose job was not to audit anything but to ensure that the event took place,“ pronounced parliamentary deputy Tomáš Hasil (ODS), government agent for this year's Nordic World Ski Championships in Liberec, deflecting the media's queries after it emerged that, in addition to the two-billion-crown state subsidy, the event's organizers racked up another 116 million crowns in debt that was sunk into suspicious, fine-print-entangled contracts. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince came to cinemas. It emerged that Radio Wave – an online radio station „for young people“ – has yet to broadcast on FM in five university cities, as written by some media, but that it might in the future. Oil prices fell. Supreme court Deputy Chairman Pavel Kučera retired from the Czech Judicial Union after learning that the institution wants to examine his participation in the „judicial mafia“ - the alliance of Czech judges and prosecutors working with politicians to influence domestic justice.
„It was the curtain call, I had the leading role and he a supporting role, but he still tried to cram himself in with the main characters. Afterwards, I told him he was a jerk, and he punched me in the head and I punched him in the nose,“ opera singer Robert Šícho testified in court, describing his relationship with a colleague whom, according to an indictment, he had attempted to strangle to death on the highway near Heřmanova Huť last year. Komerční banka announced that it expects a profit in the second quarter. Asian Dub Foundation played Ostrava. Human Rights Minister Michael Kocáb secured apartments for the squatters evicted from Prague's Milada villa and Jiří Janeček called it „spitting in decent people’s faces.“ The Czech forestry service decided to sell construction wood to people whose homes were destroyed by the floods for one crown per cubic meter. In an effort to block robbers fleeing the theft of a currency exchange office in Loket, police stopped a bus on the Prague-Rakovník route, sent the passengers to safety in the fields, and used the empty vehicle to block the road to Pavlov. Car sales fell again. Thirty thousand people celebrated the national holiday for Saints Cyril and Methodius, the missionaries who brought Christianity to the Slavs, in Velehrad. Meteorologists informed the public that the humid weather is coming to an end and that true summer will come soon.

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