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Last week

Last week 23/2006

The Civic Democrats (ODS) triumphed in the elections and the chairman of the competing Social Democratic Party (ČSSD) Jiří Paroubek declared that he doesn’t acknowledge the result. It snowed in the mountains.

38-mobr-tydenmaly.jpg • Autor: Respekt

Autor fotografie: Pavel Reisenauer • Autor: Respekt

The Civic Democrats (ODS) triumphed in the elections and the chairman of the competing Social Democratic Party (ČSSD) Jiří Paroubek declared that he doesn’t acknowledge the result. It snowed in the mountains. Unremitting rains in lower elevations raised the levels of Czech rivers. The Spaniards dominated the Fireworks Festival at Brno’s reservoir with their show Pyrofantastic Night. Former president Václav Havel spoke at a European Union ecological conference in Brussels and cautioned those present that the EU should not “not only toil for economic growth and gaining on the United States.” The Czech Republic joined the French “overtake Hollywood project” under which the film Asterix and the Olympic Games will be made on the European continent as an international co-production; the film should outdo the American-made Superman in terms of popularity with viewers.

A four-year-old survived a fall from the fourth floor of a house in Nové Strašec. The energy giant ČEZ acquired the Polish power plants Elcho and Skawina for ten and a half billion crowns. The stock exchange waned because of the elections. “I called the head of our expedition by walkie-talkie and he said that there was nothing more we could do for him. He’s been lying there several hours, he’s completely frozen and without oxygen, practically dead – so we should continue, the leader said” newspapers cited the testimony of Mark Inglis, a handicapped mountain climber from New Zealand, whose expedition stopped for at least a while under the summit of Mount Everest by the still alive but collapsed mountain climber David Sharp; thirty previous expeditions had passed by Sharp that day without noticing him at all, and the Englishman ultimately died on a cliff under the peak of the world’s highest mountain. Folklorists got Strážný residents dancing. The Antimonopoly Office authorized the planned merger of Radiokomunikace and Tele2. In an attempt to cross the overflowing Mže River, a young woman fell from a cable pulley into the water outside the village Kočov; her body was found washed up in the river near Svojšín two days later by a chance passer-by. The fifteenth annual cultural festival Mezi ploty (Between the Fences) was held in Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital. “Mr. Kubice is a liar, perjurer, and a vile human being,” reacted Prime Minister Jiří Paroubek (ČSSD) to the words of one of the most respected Czech policemen, Unit for Detecting Organized Crime chief Jan Kubice, who accused some top officials from Paroubek’s party of attempting to obstruct the investigation of corruption affairs and hired killings; Kubice had made his declaration after the Inspection of Interior Ministry (headed by František Bublan of ČSSD) raided the unit’s offices and seized the computers of detectives uncovering the possible bribery web surrounding a billion-crown contract for producing bio-ethanol, where three people affiliated with top ČSSD officials had already been detained; in reacting to Jan Kubice, Prime Minister Paroubek also managed to accuse the opposition ODS of preparing a political putsch and labeled the party “political vermin.” Mattoni acquired Poděbradka. “Lack of interest and widespread corruption,” cited a Gabal Analysis study for the Interior Ministry as the reasons for the rise in foreigners doing slave labor in the Czech Republic. Viktor Fischl (93) died in Jerusalem. Authorities authorized the sale of medicine in supermarkets. In light of perpetual unreliability of Czech-made CZ 75 D pistols, which were recently procured by the police administration for many millions from the Czech arms maker Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod, the domestic riot police force’s arsenal had to be augmented by foreign-made Glock 17 pistols. “When they arrived they were completely inaccurate; so after a while they supplied us with telescopic sights, but they fell off after about ten shots were fired – so they promised us new braces, but even that didn’t work. They just can’t be relied on,” a member of a regional riot police force said, describing the pistol and its manufacturer to Hospodářské noviny; the contract with the arms maker was signed by former interior minister Stanislav Gross despite experts’ warnings against the purchase; police procurement clerks are being prosecuted for the pistols’ inexpediency. Modernization of the train tracks from Prague to Cheb began. Anežka Janáková from Velké Meziříčí celebrated her 100th birthday. The Czech Republic sent financial aid amounting to several million crowns to Java, where an earthquake killed roughly five thousand people and left hundreds of thousands more without a roof over their heads. Successful Romanian manager Adrian Sarba took over the top post at TV Nova. Meteorologists announced that all of June would be showers and storms. Due to repairs to Brno’s Freedom Square a crane had to remove the city’s protector – the Virgin Mary – from the plague column in the center of the city and take her away.

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