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Is it a reform?

Michaela Erbenová is a leading Czech economist and the first woman to serve on the Czech National Bank's banking council. She lectures at Charles University.

Michaela Erbenováis a leading Czech economist and the first woman to serve on the Czech National Bank's banking council. She was born 38 years ago in Prague. She spent her childhood in Moscow, where her father worked in Comecon's research institution for electrical engineering and where she studied mathematical methods in economics. In Prague she studied economics at CERGE, and had an internship in the United States. In the mid-'90s she served as an advisor to then-PM Václav Klaus, and then as the chief advisor to then-Finance Minister Ivan Pilip. After two years at Komerční banka she was named to the Czech National Bank's banking council, a position she left in November. She lectures at Charles University. She is married and has two children.

What awaits our country if Parliament does not agree to support the government's currently-proposed reforms?

That's a leading question. The Czech Republic is actually permanently reforming, bit by bit, so if this proposal is not passed, it doesn't mean everything will freeze and nothing will happen in the future. If, however, changes are not made in the area of state budget outlays and in the area of setting taxes, the state budget deficit would deepen. Even if today's high economic growth were to continue.

And then?

Then it splits. Either reform will come, probably sharper than the one proposed, or it will not. This would then result in…

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