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Jak jsme slibovali, přinášíme výsledky britských voleb pohledem z jedné obce a pro Andreho Soucka alias Ondřeje Součka nedopadly dobře. Křeslo v britském parlamentu nezíská. Kandidoval jako nezávislý za okrsek Lewes na jihu Anglie a z 50 tisíc odevzdaných hlasů mu připadlo pouze 80; vyhrál liberální demokrat Norman Baker, který dostal přes 26 tisíc hlasů. Nicméně je sympatické, že to emigrant, starožitník a dobrodruh, žijící od 17 let na britských ostrovech, aspoň zkusil. Respekt za kuráž!

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• Autor: Archiv


Independent Candidate for LEWES

My name is Andre Soucek, I am a local businessman and have been running a shop in the Cliffe part of Lewes for the past 26 years. I own a shop that some will know as Pastorale Antiques.

During this time I have seen a dramatic increase in the size of both local and national government creating an abundance of new regulations, laws and rules. It is this infringement of our liberties that has finally persuaded me to stand up and run as an Independent.

Deficit & Economic Recovery

As we have the largest deficit in living memory with limited spending possibilities for the near future, we have to decide on our priorities, where to spend and where to save.

I believe that we have to start at a local level. We have seen many businesses disappear around Lewes and Newhaven. There are empty warehouses crying out for young entrepreneurs, who given the right conditions could be the creators of jobs for the future. For that we need simplification of employment laws, cuts in red tape and business rates and give every encouragement for businesses to start up.


As a part time sheep farmer I feel strongly about our Sussex countryside. I propose an increase in Sussex produce to be sold in local supermarkets. This will decrease food miles helping the farmer and the environment. Our overcrowded and built up county needs less road enlargement and more investment in rail. Freight can be transported by rail and I support the reconnection of the Lewes and Uckfield line. I welcomed the creation of the national park, however, I am surprised that the beautiful approach to Newhaven is being destroyed by a monstrous incinerator. One rule for the Downs, another for Newhaven.  


When we first joined the EEC after the 1975 referendum, the treaty was intended to be primarily a relationship of cooperation between sovereign states. We all supported free trade and the movement of people and ideas among the member countries. However, over the years the goal posts have been moved and we are now marching towards a big uncontrolled government in Brussels. Unelected officials making laws and regulations that are not properly debated and scrutinised by the House of Commons. The new European constitution (that even the people of France and Holland did not approve) is a step too far.

The urgency of the above issues are jut some of the very real problems facing our country today. I am standing as an Independent to get these issues into the public domain and stand up for our liberties.

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