Last week 33/09
Last week 33/09 • Autor: Ilustrace – Pavel Reisenauer
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Hail the size of ping-pong balls fell on the Czech Republic during a storm. The Travel Cool travel agency has collapsed. 185 participants out of an original 200 triumphantly completed the first marathon through the Krkonoše mountains. The State's deficit climbed to 76 billion crowns, which is double the amount approved for the entire year. Automobile prices went up. Olympic frontman and happy father Petr Janda (65) announced to the press that he and his wife Alice (27) are the proud parents of a brand new daughter, Anežka.
„We brought our children here so that they could see what happened and see that mommy and I aren't traumatized, life goes on and we must fight and build a new home,“ Petr Bouma from Třebosice, a father of five young children whose home in a converted mill was completely destroyed by a lightning strike, told Mladá fronta Dnes. Two previously unknown works by Mozart were performed in Vienna. Newspapers brought us the news that the massive legal process against people detained during Iran's recent protests over the falsification of old/new President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's electoral „victory“ had begun. The Health Ministry began preparations for an expected swine flu pandemic. The summer film school in Uherské Hradiště came to an end. Oskar Henningsson won the golf tournament in Čeladna.
„These are such stupid questions that I feel bad for you - why should it be a coincidence or a non-coincidence? Simply, two Czech boats are floating there next to each other,“ Marek Dalík, a well-known lobbyist and close friend of former Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek said in reply to Hospodářské noviny's question, „The yacht that you anchored in Tuscany along with Topolánek you borrowed from Radek Mašín, who also rented a boat to ČEZ lobbyist Vladimír Johanes. You anchored right next to one another. Is that complete coincidence?“ The Czech Republic increased contacts with Belarus through the chargé d’affaires at the embassy. Moravian sculptor Petr Novák finished the design for his larger-than-life equestrian statue TGM, for the chateau park in Lány. Galloping horses wounded two men who tried vainly to stop them near Hodonín. The pace of the industrial freefall slowed from 22 percent in May to 12 percent in June, and newspaper front pages announced „a timid perking up.“ The Prague Stock exchange had the best July in its history.
„This current breath of relief is just a bubble, the economic crisis will be long and it's possible the solution may be war,“ prophesied financial guru Mark Faber, the man who foresaw the bursting of the internet bubble at the end of the '90s, in the pages of Hospodářské noviny; today he predicts hyperinflation, the bankruptcy of the American government and the end of capitalism, and recommends that everyone invest in fields, a tractor and gold and that they wait out the coming hard times somewhere in seclusion. Alcoa Fujikura shut down its silver factory, laid off 60 employees and shifted operations to Romania. Prices dipped again and experts in the media voiced concerns over possible deflation within the EU. Interest in used cars dropped. The city of Náměšť nad Oslavou announced that it has no more room in its cemeteries for new graves.
„Personally I think that it would help to raise considerably the age of retirement, invest in science and then I would advocate a large-scale relief on the price of labor - that is, radically lowering social and healthcare taxation,“ said well-known economist and presidential candidate Jan Švejnar in reply to a Právo reporter's question, „Will the government's current measures and decisions be adequate in the struggle against the crisis?“ The Exekutorská komora České republiky („Czech Chamber of Executors“) put the auction of seized houses and flats on its website. Physicians declared war on tanning salons. More than 60 people from the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovakia with Parkinson's disease tested their strength at the second annual Parkinson's Olympics in Dubňany. Rubber-soled sandals saved Rudolf Pocklan's life when an oak in his garden he was sheltering under was struck by lightning. Archaeologists discovered a second temple at the newly discovered Great Moravian stronghold in Pohansko u Břeclavi. After several centuries Rabbi Löw returned to the castle.
„Czechs have no taste,“ painter Ludmila Smejkalova, who, having returned from Porto in Portugal, is preparing an exhibition titled Připravená odjet („Ready to Leave“) in Prague's Karlín district, told Lidové noviny. Tropical heat returned over the weekend.

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