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Last week 13/2010

  • Autor: Ilustrace Pavel Reisenauer, Ilustrace - Pavel Reisenauer
• Autor: Ilustrace Pavel Reisenauer, Ilustrace - Pavel Reisenauer

With temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius, spring stormed across the landscape. Firefighters called to dredge the Morava River in Hradiště pulled out a “drowned body,” which turned out to be a figure depicting Morena, the pagan goddess of winter. Prince Charles visited the Czech Republic with his wife Camilla. Police patrolled the D1 highway, checking for drivers violating the rule requiring winter tires until the end of March. Trams collided in Ostrava. After a three-day effort, firefighters finally managed to save a puppy that was stranded on a patch of melting ice in the Křetínský reservoir, stressed and fleeing from any who tried to help him.
“We regret being unable to give you more satisfying information,” Ivana Pecháčková, director of the interior ministry’s legal department, wrote to Trudie Bryksová, 90, the widow of war hero and victim of the communist regime Josef Bryks, along with news that the state could not pay her the 10,000 crowns stolen from her husband’s account by authorities in 1957 when he died working in the uranium mines at the Jáchymov concentration camp; the Czech state is not paying the widow because it cannot decide whether the payment should come from the ministry of interior or justice. Ivan Vyskočil won the Thalia Award. The art group Pode Bal opened take two of its popular exhibition “Malik urvi” (a pun meaning literally “tear off the little finger” and implying “little whores”) at the Prague gallery DOX; instead of photos of Communist secret police (StB) agents, this time the group displayed portraits of 30 current judges who locked people up for political offenses before the Velvet Revolution alongside politicians.
“When an attacker provokes me, I’ll use my cane and give it to him so he’ll never forget it,” Anna Kurillová from Karlovy Vary, who started attending self-defense courses at the local police station at the age of 93, told reporters. Two Czechs died in an avalanche in the Greater Fatra mountain range in Slovakia. Setuza went bankrupt. Martin Svoboda resigned as dean of Faculty of Economics and Administration at Masaryk University in Brno after students discovered that his book Jak investovat aneb Anatomie burzovních lží (How to Invest, or: Anatomy of Stock Market Lies) was a copycat translation of a work previously published by German authors, Generation Zertifikate - Die Emanzipation der Geldanlage. Media reported that the presidents of the United States and Russia, Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev, would meet in Prague next week to sign the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START).
“Hand over 50K, I’ve got a gun,” was written on a note which a 14-year old boy armed with a gas pistol showed the clerk at the ticket counter in the lobby of Šumperk’s train station; the sales agent did not hand over any money, and policemen arrested the robber as he fled the scene. MPs legislatively reduced support for solar energy. Green Party-appointed Environment Minister Jan Dusík resigned from his post for over concern that the fate of ČEZ’s planned reconstruction of the Prunéřov power plant had been decided without “sufficient documentation” and criticism that it allegedly used outdated technology, and Prime Minister Jan Fischer then transferred his ministry’s affairs to the ministry of agriculture controlled by the Social Democrats; in response to Fischer’s move, the Greens stopped supporting the caretaker government.
“I will remain chairman of the Civic Democrats and as election leader, and I will lead the ODS to victory in the elections,” Mirek Topolánek said after a 12-hour meeting where party leaders tried in vain to persuade him to resign after news sites published excerpts of his interview on gays, Jews and everyday Czechs for the magazine Lui. “I am stepping down as election leader so the ODS will win the parliamentary elections and prevent Paroubek and the Communists from taking us back to the era before 1989,” Topolánek said a day later, accepting a call for his resignation by the majority of the ODS executive council; Topolánek has so far retained his function as party chairman, though he will “consider” walking away from that, too; Petr Nečas replaced Topolánek as election leader. Ex-president Václav Havel came down with a fever and chills at his home. Belgian MEPs proposed establishing a uniform minimum wage in all European Union member countries. Women in Temptation beat Avatar in attendance. Mladá fronta Dnes revealed that every fifth bottle of beer in Bohemia has artificial foam. A dead, newborn baby girl was found by passersby in Litoměřice. Sunny days were followed by a cold spell and then rain. Media reported that enthusiastic fans had lined up to see Karel Gott in Leipzig.

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